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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the exchange of electronic business documents between two or more businesses. Your business can benefit by exchanging EDI documents, such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, invoices, and acknowledgments, with our systems. Some of the advantages gained by the use of EDI include:

Boise Cascade Building Materials Distribution supports many common EDI business documents in use today.

                     Receive                       Send
810 Invoice 810 Invoice
820 Remittance Advice 820 Remittance Advice
824 Application Advice 850 Purchase Order
846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
850 Purchase Order 856 Advance Ship Notice
852 Item Activity 870 Order Status Report
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement 997 Functional Acknowledgements
856 Advance Ship Notice  
864 Text Messages  
997 Functional Acknowledgements  

There are several ways we can exchange documents with you:


We utilize the ANSI X.12 EDI standards, and support a number of versions. Our EDI specialists are available to help you implement EDI. For more information about how Boise's EDI can help your business, contact us at:

Office: 978-670-3970
Fax: 208-331-5769

E-mail: BMD EDI Group