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Boise Cascade Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are dedicated to attracting, developing, and retaining highly skilled people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We believe in finding the most qualified person for the job. We use the Development Dimensions International (DDI) Targeted Selection interviewing process throughout the company because it focuses the interview discussion around the essential competencies a person must possess in order to be successful in the position. DDI uses prior work experience as a predictor of future work behavior.


We promote from within the company and post all open positions on our internal website so employees can see them. When we need to go outside of the company to recruit talent, we advertise open positions on our public website, with local employment departments, in local newspapers, and on job search websites.


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How can I get a job with Boise Cascade?

Boise Cascade Company accepts resumes for open positions only.

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