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Wellness Program

Boise Cascade Wellness Program

At Boise Cascade Company, we're committed to helping our employees improve their health. Achieving this goal ensures better quality of life for employees, higher productivity for the company, and better control over healthcare costs for everybody. 

The Boise Cascade wellness program, a key component of our consumer-driven health benefits, is available to help all Boise Cascade employees, spouses, and dependents. We encourage you to take a look around this site and use the tools that are available to you. 

Also, don't forget that more tools are available on Blue Cross of Idaho's website as well. 

Exercising and Brain Power.  Exercising can improve your memory and concentration because it gets blood flowing through your brain. Try some simple exercises like jumping rope, swimming, or dancing.

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Blue Cross 
Wellness Tools

Health Assessment

Other assessments, healthcare articles and tools are available at this link:  

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Key Links

Blue Cross of Idaho

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Mayo Clinic



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