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Values & Principles

We are proud, persistent, passionate, participative people.

As we focus on delivering the best return for our investors, we can be trusted to do what we say and take responsibility for our actions, which we base on the following Values & Principles:

Integrity: We are our word. That is the foundation of all our relationships.

Safety: It is our way of life.

Communication: We talk straight, really listen, and share our knowledge across the company.

Quality: We meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and are committed to helping them enhance their businesses.

Stewardship: We manage our businesses to sustain environmental resources for future generations.

Innovation: We are creative and nimble and look worldwide for better ways to do things.

Recognition: We value one another. We recognize one another's responsibility to participate actively, and we respect one another for our ideas and contributions.

Growth: We support an environment of continuous learning where our people can take on new challenges and build successful careers.

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