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Electronic Data Interchange & XML

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of electronic business documents between two or more businesses. Your business can benefit by exchanging EDI or XML documents with our systems, such as purchase orders, manifests, invoices, and acknowledgments. Advantages of EDI and XML:


Boise Cascade supports many common EDI and XML business documents:

Suppliers & Customers




Motor & Rail 


There are several ways we can exchange documents with you:


We utilize the ANSI X.12 EDI standards, and support a number of versions, primarily version 4010. 

Our EDI specialists are available to help you implement EDI. For more information about how Boise Cascade’s EDI can help your business, contact your Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative (CSR), or our Company EDI team.

EDI for Boise Cascade Building Materials Distribution

E-mail: Corporate EDI
Phone: 208-384-3587
Fax: 208-333-1744

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