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Berkeley Homes, Oxford

Westbury Homes, Tiverton

Westframe Timber Frame

Berkeley Homes, Oxford

Project: Berkeley Homes – Lucy’s Eagle Works, Oxford
Scope: 30 Luxury houses

These three and four storey luxury houses required in excess of 10,000m of BCI® Joists. Sixteen of the houses had three BCI® Joist floors in them designed to a maximum deflection of 6mm.

The BCI® Joists also had large bespoke holes pre-drilled in the webs to allow easy installation and access of services.

Boise Cascade is offering the pre-cut holes as an alternative to the standard pre-stamped 38mm diameter knockout holes at 302mm centres. Typical sizes are 125mm circles and 125mm x 300mm rectangles, which can be aligned across the floor, ideal in situations where copper piping, soil vent pipes or ventilation ducting are required.

Westbury Homes, Tiverton

Project: Westbury Homes – Phase 2, Cowley Moor, Tiverton
Scope: 70 Houses

Two and three storey houses all utilising 302mm deep BCI® Joists and VERSA-LAM® Beams.

The use of BCI® Joists as rafters supported at wallplate and by a VERSA-LAM® beam at the ridge achieved significant savings in cost and time over the original steel beam, stub truss and loose rafter infill arrangement. The depth of rafter provided by the BCI® Joist permitted a simple approach to meeting the insulation requirements.


Westframe Timber Frame

Project: Westframe (Westleigh developments Ltd) – Countess Rd , Northampton
Scope: 83 units for Nottingham Community Housing Association

These three storey units have been designed using 302mm deep BCI® Joists and VERSA-LAM® Rim Beam.

VERSA-LAM® as rimboard is coated in a water-repellant sealant with a UV inhibitor for improved protection during construction and is an ideal product for timber frame applications.

Westframe use the VERSA-LAM® as rimboard to transmit the vertical loads from load-bearing walls through the floor construction to the load-bearing walls below.

The VERSA-LAM® beams can also be used in six storey projects as a ringbeam where disproportionate collapse loads need to be taken into account.


Persimmon Homes, Lee-on-Solent

Project: Persimmon Homes – Cherque Farm, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire
Scope: Several Phases of Houses & Apartments

Boise Cascade has supplied BCI® Joist floors to several phases of ‘Cherque Farm.’

This site has experienced a wave of innovation from start to present as far as I-Joist floors go.

The older style connections inherited from the US have gradually evolved into more robust and easy to install connections on site. No more ply backer blocks, no more sawn filler blocks, no more cutting holes for straps and no more need for masonry hangers and propping.

The site used backer-blockless hangers, 2-ply BCI® Joist Girder Clips and Cullen PFS restraint straps.



Carronvale, Glasgow

Project: Carronvale – Clarkston Road , Glasgow
Scope: 6 Storey development (12 Apartments) for Dickie Homes Ltd

This six storey project incorporated 2700m of BCI® joists and 400m of VERSA-LAM® beam and VERSA-LAM® rimboard material.

The BCI® joists in each floor are suspended from a VERSA-LAM® ring beam which is standard for buildings over five storeys, complying with Scottish Building Standards in meeting requirements for disproportionate collapse.

The floors were constructed using pre assembled BCI® joist cassettes. These can be simply lifted into position and fixed accordingly.



Prestoplan, Thames Gateway, London

Project: Prestoplan Purpose Built – Grand Union Village , Southall, Middlesex
Scope: Timber Frame Flats for Taylor Woodrow Developments Ltd

This development incorporated five three storey timber frame blocks of flats. Each block utilised 700m of BCI® joist and 280m of VERSA-LAM® beam and rimboard.

These I-Joist packs were precision cut to length and sent direct to site in plot packs ready for the Prestoplan team of erectors to install.

All joists are marked up with a length and ID number which can be cross referenced with the working drawings.


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