Boise Cascade schedules downtime at Elgin plywood and stud mill

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For Immediate Release: July 24, 2014

Boise Cascade schedules downtime at Elgin plywood and stud mill
La Grande, Oregon – Boise Cascade Company (Boise Cascade) (NYSE: BCC) announced today
that operations at their plywood mill and stud mill in Elgin, Oregon, are scheduled to be curtailed for the
week of August 30 – September 6.

The completion of the second segment of a long-term capital project at the log utilization center
(LUC) in Elgin requires that both plants be curtailed during this time period. In announcing the curtailment,
Area Manager Tom Insko stated, “All of the raw material that flows into both plants is processed through
the LUC first. As part of our ongoing commitment to the Elgin complex and the plywood and stud
businesses, we have a multi-phase capital project underway that will significantly improve these operations.
This second phase will require a complete curtailment of log flow through the LUC in order to install new
equipment. As in past years, we’ve scheduled the mills’ downtime to coincide with a normal holiday
shutdown to mitigate the impact on our employees.” {BC HR/Comm/COMM/CORP/01421196.DOCX: }

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