Industrial 45# density is the most common panel we produce and is used in the manufacture of furniture, kitchen cabinets, consumer electronic cabinets, store fixtures, and game tables. This product is suitable for a variety of finishes (laminates and coatings), but is renowned for its machining performance and edge integrity. We also manufacture 47# and 50# density panels that provide additional edge consolidation and surface properties.

Thickness Range: 

Product Inches Metric
45# 3/8” through 1-3/16” 9mm through 30mm
47# 3/8” through 1-1/8” 9mm through 25mm
50# 3/8” through 1” 9mm through 25mm

45# Premium Industrial Particleboard Product Sheet

47# Premium Industrial Particleboard Product Sheet

50# Premium Industrial Particleboard Products Sheet