Individual Development

We contribute to our employees’ wellbeing through a safe workplace, empowering healthy lifestyles, and providing access to tools for gaining skills that can be used throughout their careers.
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We recognize the positive impact on organizational health that happens with a shared focus on personal development through learning, motivation and performance.

We want to motivate employees to become highly skilled individual performers and give them opportunities to find pathways for career advancement. For Boise Cascade, individual development includes: annual performance reviews and development plans, access to self-help resources, and opportunities for continued education.

Annual reviews

Every year, all of our employees have a one-on-one review with their managers to discuss performance over the last year and provides an opportunity to work together on an individual development plan (IDP).

In addition to the annual performance reviews, managers are highly encouraged to engage in performance conversations with employees throughout the year. Likewise, employees are empowered to discuss any concerns or challenges they might have with their managers at any time. Performance management is structured to give employees regular check-ins and feedback with their manager to stay on track with their career goals.

Development plans

Individual development plans (IDPs) facilitate discussion regarding career development. Employees can identify development needs and establish learning objectives that will help them in their current role or build the skills or competencies needed to grow their career. These plans become the documented action steps to accomplish learning objectives supporting their goals for long-term career development.

Through conversations with their manager or self-help resources, competencies are an integral part of the IDP process. Using competencies as the guiding foundation, IDPs assess and determine each individual’s experience needs, knowledge needs, and career interests and goals.

For each competency, the IDP includes a comprehensive action-step matrix with:

  • Learning objectives (translation of development need into development goals)
  • Action steps (identified experience or educational activities to take)
  • Action taken (progress towards completion of action steps)
  • Results (measurable improvements through feedback, assessment, and self-evaluation).

Development resources

For those employees seeking personal development, they have access to resources that will help take them to the next level. The Building Capabilities and Skills resource library allows employees to improve job-related technical knowledge and behavioral competence at their own pace. Some of the resources available include:

  • Development guides identifying key actions, quick tips, and development activities (through self-directed learning, partnerships, targeted assignments, and workshops) relevant to a competency.
  • Job cards for each discipline within a function that summarizes the primary job responsibilities and then identifies the corresponding career band of titles, criteria, and competencies necessary to perform in each job-level within the role.
  • Templates for incorporating development needs identified through assessment and competency resources into an individual development plan.

Continuing Education

Businessman and Computer at deskContinuous learning and training programs add value for our employees as well as the company, resulting in personal growth while advancing business goals.

Boise Cascade requires mandatory employee training on topics such as harassment, safety, and antitrust. Additionally, we offer internal training programs or recommend specific courses as a performance improvement activity or as part of a professional development plan.

For employees who wish to further develop their knowledge and skills in order to perform a present job more effectively and/or to prepare for future career opportunities within the company, we offer education aid. It covers individual courses of study or degree programs related to an employee’s present or expected future work responsibilities. Through our tuition reimbursement program and scholarship grants, we are helping our employees achieve their higher-education goals.

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