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Compensation & Benefits

Going beyond a paycheck

An employees’ pay is only part of their compensation at Boise Cascade Company.  In addition to pay, benefits help our employees manage many aspects of their personal life.


Boise Cascade Company offers competitive compensation and benefits.  Bonus and/or reward opportunities may also be available and would be discussed with prospective candidates during the interview process.  Boise Cascade Company values its employees and knows without a doubt that our people are our single greatest strength. 

People often think of their “paycheck” as their only compensation, but scheduled cash payments are only part of your total compensation package at Boise Cascade Company.  Review Boise Cascade's Benefits for salaried employees.


Health and Wellness Initiative

Healthcare costs are one of the biggest challenges facing the company. The increases are as significant as those for trees or energy. But they are much more important, because we need to invest in our employees’ health and wellness – it is simply the right thing to do.


Boise Cascade Company created and implemented a Healthy Choices Wellness Program which is available to all employees. This program helps employees focus on improving the health of themselves and their families. The program is voluntary and absolutely confidential.  At all of our locations, employees volunteer as Wellness Champions to serve as location-level leaders of the program. They lead by example and communicate their own motivation and enthusiasm. The online components are also available for spouses and children over age 18.