BC Framer

Helping EWP dealers and distributors create 3D structural models, analyze framing members, and more.

Professional 3D Design & Analysis Software

BC Framer® gives dedicated EWP dealers and distributors critical tools for providing design and analysis services to builders.

Find the Right Products & Layout for the Job

Not all architectural plans are created equal. BC Framer helps professionals determine the appropriate structural framing products and layout based on a builder's plans.

  • Create a 3D structural model

  • Perform load transfer from roof to foundation

  • Analyze framing members for structural performance & adequacy

See the Future

The advanced 3D modeling abilities of BC Framer allow designers to visualize the model as they create it. Catch potential framing conflicts. Identify difficult-to-construct conditions. And even share images of the model with builders and framers. Now you can see it before it’s built.

Tools to Simplify Your Workflow

  • EWP Floor & Roof Layouts

    Create construction drawings for jobsite framing crews showing the products and locations.

  • Material

    Generate a parts list based on the 3D structural model with a user-defined level of precision.

  • Piece & Price Reports

    Get printable/exportable reports showing the pieces and prices based on the 3D structural model.

Analyze Floor Performance Before You Build

BC Framer integrates BC FloorValue®, a proprietary collection of deflection and vibration calculation methods applied to the entire floor system. See potential problem spots. Compare solutions. Find savings. All with just a few clicks.

Learn More About BC Framer

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