BC Estimator

Dealer and distributor software for efficiently estimating quantities and lengths of EWP.

EWP Estimating Software

BC Estimator® makes it simple for dealers and distributors to create accurate material list estimates with very little time or effort.

Rapid Takeoffs for EWP Floors and Roofs

Sometimes estimates require a 3D structural model. Often they don’t. BC Estimator makes it easy for designers to trace over a scaled version of the construction drawings and assign the appropriate product attributes, significantly reducing the time and labor costs required to develop accurate quotes and takeoffs.

Ideal for Quotes or
Pre-Engineered Plans

When no additional structural analysis is needed, BC Estimator can turn around a set of plans in a fraction of the time needed to produce a full 3D model. And with the built-in layout and annotation tools, the initial estimate drawing can be used to create a jobsite-ready framing layout quickly. It’s the perfect solution when you can’t afford to keep customers waiting.

Built to Suit

BC Estimator makes it easy for you to give customers the experience they expect every time by defining customer-specific preferences, from trim length to delivery instructions.

Multi-Family/Light Commercial Estimating

BC Estimator lets you create a material list estimate for each unit, then replicate it across all instances of that unit — no need to update every unit individually. The material lists can then be bundled by building or individual unit so that dealers can sequence the material delivered with the construction schedule.

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