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Engineered Wood Products (EWP) 3D HouseBoise Cascade manufactures and markets engineered wood products (EWP). These building products provide improved structural characteristics that use wood fiber more efficiently. Boise Cascade owns and operates the world’s two largest laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joist manufacturing plants in Alexandria, Louisiana and White City, Oregon. Boise Cascade EWP has 66 distributors located across North America to meet the needs of dealers and builders with regional product mixes, on-time delivery, and after-sale service.

Great products are only the beginning.®

Boise Cascade’s EWP and services are an integrated system of products and efficient software to make home building simpler, faster and more profitable for home builders. Boise Cascade EWP has consistently sized products that are stronger than dimension lumber, so less material may be needed. Boise Cascade’s state-of-the-art software tools can help design better homes, improve resource utilization, eliminate most waste and save builders time and money.


Engineered Wood Product (EWP)The SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM® uses highest-quality BCI® Joists or ALLJOIST® (AJS®) products, VERSA-LAM® LVL, VERSA-STUD® laminated veneer framing lumber and other EWP with matched depths that work together using fewer pieces and longer lengths. The result is longer spans, time saved during cutting and fitting, less waste and lower overall cost since less product is needed. The SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM® consists of several product lines which are available in our product cards. A listing of the product profiles by plant are available.

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Boise Cascade EWP Green

Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products are among the most environmentally friendly “green” building products on planet Earth. They build better homes with stronger, stiffer floors using only wood purchased in compliance with Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) programs. Below is literature related to our program:

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