Specialty Products

Specialty Solutions

Not just speciality products — speciality solutions. Boise Cascade®’s specialty products solve real-world challenges.

Product Overview

Whether you’re building residential, multi-family, or industrial, Boise Cascade offers a range of products and solutions to make your ideas reality.

About Boise Cascade Specialty Products

  • Specialty products include sanded plywood, concrete forms, and beaded siding
  • Backed by 60+ years of proven performance and customer service
  • Certified by the Engineered Wood Association (APA)
  • Concrete

    Made with Southern Yellow Pine veneers, these are fully sanded on both sides, factory-treated with a release agent, and edge-sealed to protect it from water absorption.

  • Sanded Plywood

    Sanded Plywood panels are ideal for use on exposed jobs where appearance is important, such as cabinetry, furniture and home projects. Boise Cascade's Sanded Plywood panels are smooth, attractive, and built strong. Available in various grades.

  • Beaded

    Classic Beading siding is real wood paneling that has a thick, high quality veneer on the face making it perfect for beautiful interior applications


Installs like traditional sheathing, but it features a foil film on one face which reduces up to 97% of the radiant heat transfer from the roof to the attic, reducing energy bills.

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