AJS Joists

Strength and Consistency You Can Count On

An easy-to-install solution for high-performance floors and roofs available throughout the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.

Product Overview

AJS® Joists have solid-sawn flanges, made with proprietary MSR (machine stress rated) graded lumber to help ensure the strength and consistency you can count on. The proven web stock and approved structural adhesives provide quality, high-performance floor and roof systems at a cost-competitive with traditional construction materials. With six series available, this complete line of products is well-suited for your next home, multifamily, and light commercial project.

Available in six series: (2 ½″ flange) 140, 150, 20, 190, and deep depth (3 ½″ flange) 25 and 30.

AJS Joist Benefits

  • Solid lumber flanges for quick installation
  • Lightweight for easier handling
  • Consistency helps keeps floors flat
  • Holes allowed in web
  • Forest-friendly sustainability

Available Depths:

  • 9 ½″
  • 11 ⅞″
  • 14″
  • 16″

Deeper Depths – AJS 25 and AJS 30

  • 18″
  • 20″
  • 22″
  • 24″

High Performance Results

AJS Joists’ longer lengths mean simpler floor/roof layouts and higher floor performance. Plus, AJS joists are consistent from piece to piece, helping to keep floors flat and quiet making customers happy.

Easy Installation
AJS Joists are lightweight and feature solid lumber flange for easy handling and installation. The joists’ 1-1/2″ pre-stamped knockouts and allowances for on-site hole cutting provide for easy routing of wiring, HVAC, and plumbing through the web, speeding construction and reducing labor costs.

All AJS Joists are field trimmable without the need for special tools or skills, and eased edges mean fewer splinters on the job.

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