BC FastPlan

The simplest way for dealers and distributors to analyze framing members and create 3D structural models.

3D Design & Analysis Software, Simplified

BC FastPlan® is a robust, yet simplified, design and analysis alternative to BC Framer®.

The Right Products & Layout Without the Complexity

BC FastPlan makes it easy to determine the appropriate structural framing products and layout based on a builder’s plans. Perfect for when you do not want added complexity or to tie in with other non-Boise Cascade® applications.

  • Create a 3D structural model

  • Perform load transfer from roof to foundation

  • Analyze framing members for structural performance & adequacy

Visualize Your Build

The modeling capabilities of BC FastPlan allow you to create a complete 3D structural model to help identify potential framing conflicts or challenging-to-construct conditions. You can even share images of the model with builders and framers.

Stick-Framed Roof Analysis

The slopes, geometry, and member connections can make proper structural analysis of non-truss framed roofs challenging. No more! BC FastPlan includes the tools to create a 3D model, distribute loads, and analyze conventionally framed roofs.

  • Material Lists

    Produce a parts list based on the 3D structural model at the level of precision you prefer.

  • Piece & Price Reports

    Print or export detailed reports showing the pieces and prices based on your structural model.

Analyze Floor Performance Before You Build

BC FastPlan includes BC FloorValue, a proprietary collection of deflection and vibration calculation methods applied to the entire floor system. See problem spots. Compare solutions. Find savings. All with just a few clicks.

Learn More About BC FastPlan

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