Boise Cascade Rimboard

One-step rim board designed to match BCI® and AJS® Joists are available in long lengths making installation simple.

Product Overview

Give your floor the lateral support it needs without the hassle. Versa-Rim® LVL and Boise Cascade® OSB Rimboard are one-step rim board designed for use with BCI® and AJS® Joists. With strength and dimensional stability, the rim board offer consistency and performance builders can trust while speeding install times.

Engineered and manufactured to provide consistent performance. Boise Cascade Rimboard can handle seismic and high wind loads, and can eliminate the need for squash blocks or other complicated framing details for load transfer.

Boise Cascade Rimboard Benefits

  • Sized to the exact depth of BCI and AJS Joists
  • One-step rim board — nail and go
  • Consistently straight, strong, and true
  • Efficiently and effectively transfers load to the foundation
  • Dimensionally stable

Quick Installation

Boise Cascade rimboard comes in long lengths and in depths to match BCI and AJS I-joists, reducing construction time. With exact depths, there’s no need to rip material on site, further reducing labor.

Strong and Stable

Manufactured to achieve maximum nailing values, Boise Cascade offers rim board solutions that can handle seismic and high wind loads. High dimensional stability reduces inspection time and rejected material, while high vertical load transfer eliminates the need for squash blocks and complicated framing details.

Product Literature

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Product Literature

Western BCI® and Versa-Lam® Specifier Guide View

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