Our Company

We Are Purpose Driven

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, at Boise Cascade®, we bring people, products, and services together to build strong homes, businesses, and communities.

We are a leader in the building products industry throughout North America. Today, we are a Fortune 1000 company with $6.8B in annual revenue (2023). The Company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BCC.

Because our business is built on relationships, people are critical to our success. Our shared values drive our daily business decisions. With nearly 7,300 associates at 59 locations, we pride ourselves on being a consistent, reliable, and stable partner for our customers and suppliers.

We operate two divisions, supported by a corporate shared services model. Capitalizing on the synergies of both manufacturing and distribution enables us to fulfill the needs for new homes and repair/remodel in the residential and light commercial construction industry.

Building Materials Distribution

Wood Products Manufacturing

Boise Cascade was formed in 1957 through the merger of Cascade Lumber Company of Yakima, WA, and Boise Payette Lumber Company of Boise, ID. The early days focused on the growing and harvesting of timber, and the manufacturing and distribution of lumber and building products.

It has been a story of change and resilience. Opportunity and boldness led to the exploration of other industries over the years, including paper, shipping containers, concrete, sand and gravel, real estate, and recreation including ownership of a motor home manufacturer.

In the 1990s, Boise Cascade invested in engineered wood products (EWP), building mills in Oregon and Louisiana for producing laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Furman Lumber of Billerica, MA, was purchased, which paved the way to a nationwide building materials wholesale distribution system.

The next decade continued to bring big changes. In 2003, the company acquired OfficeMax and Boise Cascade Corporation changed its name to OfficeMax. In 2004, OfficeMax sold its non-office products businesses and the name “Boise Cascade” to a private equity firm, which started the business as it exists today. In 2008, the housing market collapsed during the Great Recession and the entire industry began its slow recovery with investments in EWP and the building materials distribution footprint.

An initial public offering (IPO) was completed on February 6, 2013, when Boise Cascade Company rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.