Boise Cascade
Engineered Wood

I-Joist Technical Notes

IJ-1 Shear Transfer Equivalency
IJ-2 Span to Depth Ratio
IJ-3 Slope Cut Reinforcement
IJ-5 Joist to Hip Beam Connection
IJ-6 2x Ceiling Joist Connection
IJ-7 Drywall Storage
IJ-8 Glue & Nail Floor Sheathing
IJ-9 BCI Header Table 
IJ-10 Rafter Cut Length Table
IJ-11 Fire Exposure
IJ-12 Design Live Loads for Residential Floors
IJ-13 Multiple Ply BCI/AJS Member
IJ-14 Minor Flange Cuts
IJ-16 BCI Web Stiffener Requirements
IJ-19 Drywall Storage with Shoring
IJ-20 SawTek Holes
IJ-21 Flange Nailing at Bearing

IJ-22 Add Joist Partition Wall 
IJ-23 Web Armor  Installation Guide 
IJ-24 Multiple Web Hole Analysis 
IJ-25 Mineral Wool Installation