BC Calc Sizing Software

The easy way to size and analyze Boise Cascade products or check a framing member's capacity.

Single Member Sizing Software

BC Calc® makes it easy for design professionals to perform detailed engineering analysis on joists, beams, columns, studs, and tall walls.

Detect Floor Performance Problems

Uncover potential performance problems before they happen. BC Calc's integrated BC FloorValue® technology evaluates individual members and rates vibration and sheathing deflection.

Find the Right Products Right Now

BC Calc puts the full line of Boise Cascade engineered wood and BOISE GLULAM products at your fingertips. It includes the ability to size complementary lumber products and identify alternatives based on availability in your area or your own customized product preferences.

Desktop. Laptop. Tablet.

BC Calc works wherever and however you do. Available as both a web-based and desktop application, BC Calc gives you the flexibility to work at your desk or on the go, with or without an internet connection.

BC Calc Benefits Summary:

  • Easily size joists, beams, columns, studs, and tall walls
  • Includes BCI® & AJS® joists, Versa-Lam® LVL, BOISE GLULAM® beams, and dimension lumber
  • Collaborate with others and share files in the cloud or send links and project files via email
  • Customizable project information and user defaults

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