Design and Operations Management

Professional-grade software solutions for EWP dealers, distributors, specifiers and builders.

Software That Makes Your Business Better

The Boise Cascade® suite of software is built to make lumberyards, distributors, and their teams operate faster, stronger, and easier.

Boise Cascade Software

  • BC Calc

    Single Member Sizing Software.

  • BC Connect

    Project and operations management software for dealers and distributors.

  • BC Framer

    Professional 3D Design and Analysis Software.

  • BC FastPlan

    3D Design and Analysis Software, Simplified.

  • BC FloorValue

    Floor System Performance Analysis.

  • BC Estimator

    EWP Estimating Software.

Other Solutions

  • SawTek

    All-in one software and
    automated saw solutions.

  • EWP

    The industry’s top-performing
    engineered wood products.

Software Support That’s Just a
Call or Click Away

Boise Cascade provides dedicated in-house training and support teams as well as self-service learning content to help you get the most out of our software. Questions? Issues? Contact us.

See Our Software in Action

​​Our software support and training specialists are here to help you determine which applications best fit your needs. Ask questions. Get a demo. Schedule individual or group training sessions.