Building Tall Walls

September 22, 2023
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Going tall, as in tall walls, has never been more popular.

Homeowners — and buyers — love the feeling of openness and the dramatic look of high vaulted ceilings, big picture windows, and towering fireplaces… all of which benefit from tall walls.

But let’s be clear: constructing and designing tall walls isn’t for amateurs. Special care must be taken to ensure the structural integrity of walls over 10 feet. Strong winds, seismic activity, and even just common foundation settling can cause tall walls to bow or fail.

Fortunately, Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products can help. And perhaps in ways you’re not expecting. In this article we’ll cover the products, software, and support solutions that Boise Cascade® offers to help you design and build tall walls stronger, faster, and easier. It’s also important to remember, per code, walls 10 feet and higher that support a span of 12 feet or greater require an engineered design. 

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