Boise Cascade Lumber

When you need a reliable source for log cores for landscape timbers, appearance grade, shop, common, or other lumber, you can count on Boise Cascade®.

Product Overview

For decades, Boise Cascade® has earned a reputation as a reliable, easy-to-do-business-with supplier. Our sawmills are located on the West Coast in Kettle Falls and Arden, Washington offering high quality industrial shop grade and appearance lumber.

About Boise Cascade Lumber:

  • Appearance lumber: Ponderosa Pine
  • Industrial/shop: Ponderosa Pine
  • Log cores for Landscape timbers: Southern Yellow Pine
  • Mixed-load options on some products
  • Appearance Lumber

    Offering a wide selection of Ponderosa Pine, ranging in size from 1×4″ to 1×12″ up to 16′ in select, #2 and better, #3 and #4 grades. Grown in colder weather, for longer periods means tighter knots, tree rings and a higher quality product. Available at home centers and retail lumber yards.

  • Industrial & Shop Lumber

    Lumber solutions for manufacturers of windows and doors, moulding and millwork, and component parts and furniture. Shop and moulding grades allow for ripping, cross cutting, and milling into components or finished parts.

  • Landscape Timbers

    Southern Yellow Pine landscape timbers are the core of the logs remaining after peeling the usable veneer. The species uniformly absorbs treatment making it ideal for remanufacturing and treated markets and is available in carload and truckload quantities.

Product Literature

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