BC FloorValue

Solve Problems in Design.
Not on the Jobsite.

As an integrated tool within BC Framer® and BC Calc®, BC FloorValue® lets you find and resolve potential issues and improve floor performance during design.

Analyze the Floor System, Not Just Components

BC FloorValue, inside of BC Framer, analyzes the floor as a whole, including supporting beams, on-center spacing, and sheathing. While other systems only measure the attributes of individual components, BC FloorValue dynamically measures deflection, vibration, and more across the entire floor system to pinpoint potential problem areas.

This approach gives designers a look at the overall performance and feel while also providing granular control of potential design fixes or product substitutes.

Easy to Use.
Easier to Understand.

Use BC FloorValue in BC Framer or BC FastPlan to see how your floor is performing with our easy-to-read “Heat Map” — an industry first. No more hard-to-read reports or fine print. Just clear visuals that highlight what you need to know and make it easy to explain technical details to customers and colleagues.

Looking for a simplified, and free version?
BC Calc offers the vibration and sheathing deflection components but analyzes individual single members as opposed to a full floor system in BC Framer. It is a powerful tool that is simple to use providing a quick and easy way to identify potential performance problems.

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BC FloorValue Benefits Summary

  • Check a floor plan for problems in just minutes

  • Analyze vibration and see how the floor system ranks on an easy-to-understand scale

  • Get suggested options to remedy problems and clarify costs for the upgrades

  • Evaluate different product series, on-center spacing, and sheathing thickness for the optimum price/value relationship

  • See the contribution of sheathing span between joists to the overall feel, and evaluate the worst-case sheathing span perpendicular to framing members

Balance Price & Performance

Overbuilt floor systems are costly. BC FloorValue makes it easy for you to optimize the price-to-performance tradeoffs of every design in minutes. Quickly see the impact of changing the product series, spacing, floor sheathing, or any number of other options. Then make the change to your plan in just seconds — no need to redraw.

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