Reduce Radiant Heat Transfer

Boise Cascade® Radiant Barrier Sheathing reduces radiant heat transfer from roof to attic.


SolarPly™ Radiant Barrier Sheathing from Boise Cascade features a foil on one face. When utilized on roofs, this special foil reduces the radiant heat transfer from the roof to the attic.

Traditional sheathing allows the sun’s radiant heat to enter a home through the roof and walls which can cause higher attic temperatures, heat transfers, and ultimately, higher energy bills. 

SolarPly™ installs like traditional sheathing but can lower attic temperatures and decrease an A/C system’s workload. Similar to conventional sheathing, SolarPly™ panels are rated for strength properties and are not graded for their appearance, since they are generally not exposed in use.


Radiant Barrier Sheathing Benefits

  • Reduces interior temperatures and energy bills
  • Increases HERS and other “green” ratings
  • High-quality base for roof sheathing application
  • Available in multiple performance categories

Product Information Flyer

Category Performance # of Plys Span Rating
15/32 4 32/16
19/32 4 40/20
23/32 5 48/24
Category Performance # of Plys Span Rating
15/32 4 32/16
19/32 5 40/20
23/32 5 48/24