Community Engagement

bar graph of charitable contributions by Boise CascadePhilanthropy has always been a part of our heritage and culture at Boise Cascade. We believe it is our responsibility to have a positive influence as an employer and community leader.

Through donations or helping hands, we support non-profit 501c(3) organizations providing a broad, meaningful impact.

We strengthen communities through cash donations and volunteerism requests, which are forwarded to our nearest location for consideration. Each facility has autonomy to support organizations or projects most relevant to their employees or in their communities.

Corporate community investment

Focus areas for corporate community investment as Boise CascadeIn the Boise area where our headquarters is located, contributions are in the form of cash donations and are focused on three primary areas to align with our business strategy: environmental & natural resources, safe & affordable shelter, and workforce development & diversity.

To be considered for a DONATION, please ensure your organization meets the following requirements before completing and submitting the donation request form:

  • falls within one of our three areas of focus for contributions
  • is in a geographic area where we operate
  • has IRS 501c(3) status

Additionally, we typically decline requests for:

  • grants to cover operating deficits or administrative expenses
  • endowments or memorials
  • service clubs or fraternal organizations
  • advocacy or lobbying groups for social, civil, religious, or political causes
  • public or private elementary school competitions, athletics, or class trips


We care about making a difference to the community through employee volunteer days and supporting nonprofit partnerships. To request company VOLUNTEERS for a project or event, please complete the volunteer request form. Requests for volunteers will be forwarded to our nearest location for consideration.

Local Presence

Throughout all of our locations—manufacturing and distribution alike—our employees take an active role in contributing to their communities.

Volunteerism at our headquarters in 2020:

  • 28 non-profit activities — some of these activities were conducted safely in person despite COVID-19 and others were virtual volunteer opportunities
  • 400 volunteer hours were logged by 66 associates
  • 20 employees serving on community boards

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