Courage to care

Because we believe helping others stay safe is an extension of caring about people, we encourage our employees to think, act, and be safe in all areas of our lives. Recently, an employee’s commitment to safety awareness and willingness to take action saved a life.

Boise Cascade truck driver for our Building Materials Distribution business unit, Bob Statler, was on his way down a service road in Marion, Ohio at 5:30 am when he noticed a semi-truck parked near the Owens Corning warehouse with its lights off.

Suddenly, Bob noticed flames coming from underneath the truck and quickly realized there could be someone inside at that early hour. He stopped and blew his horn several times. When there was no response, he then climbed on the truck and began pounding on the window. By this time, the flames were coming up over the hood.

It turns out that there was a driver asleep in the bunk, and Bob was able to wake him up and help him climb out just before the truck became engulfed in flames. The truck was a total loss, but Bob’s quick thinking and fast action saved this man’s life.

“I can’t even choose the appropriate words to express thanks and recognition to Bob, other than it took incredible courage and heroism. The bottom line is that Bob saved that driver’s life and to think about what that meant for the driver’s family leaves me believing there can be no better feeling for a human being.” ~ Keith Moore, BMD Safety Manager.

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