Framing Lumber & Timber

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Boise Cascade® Building Materials Distribution carries a broad mix of framing lumber and timber in the species and grades that are right for the market — and the project.

Big or Small, We Have You Covered.

Choose from structural use or appearance grade, in either rough sawn or surfaced.

Available Species:

  • Western Spruce
  • Eastern Spruce
  • Euro Spruce
  • Green Doug Fir
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Dry Doug Fir
  • Dry Hem Fir
  • Dry White Fir
  • Fire Retardant Treated
  • Pressure-Treated

Available Grades:

  • #1 Prime
  • #1
  • #2 & Better
  • Stud
  • Utility & #3
  • MSR Grades 1650F-2400F
  • Select Structural
  • Home Center Select
  • Premium Square Edge
  • Finger Jointed Studs and FJ Long Lengths up to 32’

Dimensions and Lengths:

Stud Grade / #2 & Better / Premium:

  • 2×4 PET Studs 92-5/8”, 96”, 104-5/8”, 116-5/8”, 120”, and special trims up to 144”
  • 2×6 PET Studs 92-5/8”, 96”, 104-5/8”, 116-5/8”, 120”, and special trims up to 144”

Random and Long Lengths:

  • 2×4 8 to 20’
  • 2×6 8 to 32’
  • 2×8 8 to 32’
  • 2×10 8 to 32’
Timbers S4S and Rough:

  • 4×4 – 4×12 8′ to 26’
  • 6×6 – 6×12 8′ to 26′
  • 8×8 – 8×12 8′ to 26’

Note: Not all products are stocked in all of our locations, please check the branch Line Card for your local Boise Cascade distribution center to see what’s stocked near you.

Wood Species Characteristics

Dry White Fir

Excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio, straight grain with a uniform, medium-coarse texture. Useful for multiple, general purpose framing applications in structural framing grades.

Western Spruce

Fine, even texture and a consistently straight grain. Small knots are common. Typically used as construction lumber and sheathing.

Fire Retardant

Treated Douglas Fir is the wood of choice for pressure-treated, structural dimension stock that meets fire retardant requirements.

Euro Spruce

Fine, even texture and a consistently straight grain. Typical applications include construction lumber and millwork. Native to Europe, it has also been planted in the northeast, Rocky Mountains, and Pacific coast areas of the U.S.

Southern Yellow Pine

Straight grained with a fine to medium texture, possessing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Commonly used as framing, stringers, and roof trusses as well as interior applications such as subfloor and sheathing.

Dry Hem Fir

Straight grain with a uniform medium-coarse texture. An extremely versatile species group and useful for multiple, general purpose framing applications.

Dry Douglas Fir

Grain is generally straight or slightly wavy. Medium to coarse texture. Widely used in construction and building purposes. Very stiff and strong for its weight, among the hardest and heaviest softwoods available in North America.


Hem Fir and Southern Yellow Pine have a cellular structure that makes them best suited for deep and even penetration of preservatives.

Eastern Spruce

Offers a fine, even texture and a consistently straight grain. Suitable for light construction and framing work in low-stress situations.

Green Douglas Fir

Tight-knotted and close grained, it’s often the standard against which all other framing species are measured. Excellent dimensional stability allows green products to season well in service with moderate decay resistance.

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