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Available Gypsum and Backer Board Products:

Boise Cascade® Building Materials Distribution distributes a complete line of gypsum board, including paper-faced and fiberglass-faced gypsum panels along with fiber cement and cement board. Whether you purchase direct truckloads or single units out of the warehouse, we deliver a complete product offering all proven to perform. All suited to your local market. And all backed by Boise Cascade customer service.

Gypsum Board – Regular, Mold Resistant, Fire Resistant, Abuse Resistant, Impact Resistant, Exterior Gypsum Sheathing, Gypsum Shaft Liner Panels, Glass Faced Board, Tile Backer

Fiber Cement & Cement Board

Joint Compound & Textures

Gypsum Board Accessories – Drywall Tape, Corner Bead

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Not all products are stocked in all of our locations. Please check the branch Line Card for your local Boise Cascade distribution center to see what’s stocked near you.