Inaugural Green End School completed in Chester

The Green End Department is part of plywood manufacturing and includes the steps when debarked logs go from the heating area into a lathe, where they are peeled into thin layers of veneer. The veneer is then cut to correct dimensions, sorted, stacked and prepared for drying.

To operate the Green End process as efficiently as possible, Boise Cascade’s Business Optimization team created and conducted the first iteration of a Green End School in Chester last month.

Ray Kyle (Reliability Engineer), Jonathan Linton (Business Optimization Engineer), Cory Elliot (Business Optimization Engineer) and Josh McWilliams (Business Optimization Coordinator) collaborated with the Chester plant team to develop and refine content for the school, which was tailored to each position in the Green End work. Ray and Jonathan facilitated the sessions over a two-week period, along with assistance from Matt McCann, Brad Hoosier, Ian Smyth and Rex Thomas.

Empty Classroom White Board“The presenters who facilitated the sessions were excellent,” stated Dale Dyals. “They were extremely well prepared and very passionate about the content they were teaching. Having recognized subject matter experts leading the training provides immediate credibility for the school and sets it up for success.” Dale also credits Brian Cullen, Glen Lang, Scott Kreps, Tom Booker, John White and Tony Flagor for supporting this work with the resources necessary to execute it with excellence.

“Building a learning organization takes a lot of effort and long-term commitment,” said Mike Brown, EVP, Wood Products Division. “However, it is a very important investment to improve our cost position and competitive advantage. The team has done a fantastic job with the Green End School.”

Feedback from plant leadership and the attendees was very positive. The next school will be held at Oakdale once educational content is modified for the specific equipment at that mill.

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