Medford Plywood Powerhouse celebrates outstanding safety accomplishment

employees stand on powerhouse steps to celebrateIn addition to zeroing in on 15 years without a recordable injury, the Medford Plywood Powerhouse crew just surpassed the 54-year mark since the last lost time injury incident!

Here are some sentiments from region management:

“The greatest asset at the Powerhouse is the employees who have worked without a recordable incident for nearly fifteen years. Since the Powerhouse operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this would not be possible without their focused commitment to safety. They are not chance-takers; they are a team of safety-makers!” (Bill Nutter, Powerhouse Superintendent)

“We have been very fortunate to not have a recordable safety incident over the past 15 years. However, we also have great people who relentlessly adhere to protocol while working with such extreme temperatures and pressures. These crews are emphatic about process improvement and I look forward to celebrating future milestones with them.” (David Cheney, Western Oregon Region Engineering Manager)

“Congratulations to our Medford Powerhouse Team on reaching the 15-year milestone without a recordable incident and an amazing 54 years without a lost-time incident.  Your attention to working safely and looking out for each other sets the standard for the rest of us.” (John White, Western Oregon Region Manager)

“It takes a team of professionals who watch over each other to remain safe for so long.  There has to be a commitment to staying the course, day in and day out.  The Powerhouse team is an outstanding example of what can be achieved in safety. Congratulations on such an outstanding accomplishment; there is hardly a higher calling than watching over each other.” (Chris Lawrence, Western Oregon Region Safety Manager)

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