corporate values for Boise CascadeAt Boise Cascade, safety is one of our core values and is a fundamental part of our business strategy. Nothing is worth someone getting hurt. We are safe because we genuinely care about the people around us as well as ourselves. We believe everyone is entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment, so we strive to make Boise Cascade a place where nobody gets hurt.

Principles we follow

We protect ourselves and those around us by putting our beliefs into practice every day to achieve the level of safety excellence we value. To create a safe workplace, we are committed to the following behaviors:

  • understanding and following safety policies and procedures related each activity.
  • seeking ways to improve workplace safety.
  • avoiding all hazards and help others do the same, as much as possible.

Walking the talk

Talking about safety is important, but a critical component to relaying how much we value safety is to demonstrate that behavior in all that we do.

As part of our Company Policy Manual, our Health and Safety policy outlines how each of our employees has ownership in safety and the responsibility to stop work if there is a concern about safety.

Our policy also acknowledges that management leads the process and must actively model safe behaviors and make safety a part of every business decision. This integrated approach has proven to reduce workplace accidents, as well as improve our production and reliability.