Versa-Strand® LSL Warranty


“Untreated Products”: Boise Cascade® Versa-Strand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL)

“Treated Products”: Boise Cascade® Versa-Strand® ZB Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL)

“Delamination”: is a visible separation of the primary wood elements of a Product that results in the reduction of structural strength and is limited to separations within the matrix of flakes of LSL. Minor surface characteristics such as loose or folded surface flakes in LSL do not qualify as Delamination.

“Specifier’s Guide”: (as applicable) for:

1. Versa-Strand® LSL Wall
2. Versa-Strand® LSL Header and Beam
3. Versa-Strand® LSL Floor Joists
4. Versa-Strand® LSL Stair Stringers
5. Versa-Strand® LSL Roof Framing
6. Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard
7. Versa-Strand® ZB LSL Sill Plate (treated with zinc borate)


Boise Cascade provides these limited warranties on Untreated Products and Treated Products (together referred to as “Products”) to the Buyer. The term “Products” does not include, and Boise Cascade does not provide a warranty on, Boise Cascade® Versa-Strand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) Concrete Form Board.

A. Limited Warranty for Products

Boise Cascade warrants that the Products will, at the time of manufacture, meet or exceed Boise Cascade manufacturing standards and exhibit no Delamination.

B. Lifetime Limited Warranty for Untreated Products

Boise Cascade warrants that the Untreated Products will, when handled, stored, specified, installed and maintained in accordance with Boise Cascade’s applicable Specifier’s Guide (see above) and all applicable building code requirements in effect when the Untreated Products are originally installed, meet Boise Cascade’s performance specifications for the normal and expected life of the structure.

C. 25-Year Limited Warranty for Treated Products

Boise Cascade warrants that Treated Products, when handled, stored, specified, installed and maintained in accordance with Boise Cascade’s applicable Specifier’s Guide (see above) and all applicable building code requirements in effect when the Treated Products are installed, for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of installation, will:

(i) Resist termite damage affecting the ability of the Treated Products to perform as intended; and
(ii) Resist fungal decay damage affecting the ability of the Treated Products to perform as intended.


Boise Cascade will not pay for, and this warranty expressly excludes:

A. Non-performance of the Products caused by:

1. misuse or improper handling, installation, or maintenance;
2. alterations to the structure after the original installation of the Products;
3. acts of God, fire, lightning, windstorm, hurricane, tornado, hail, earthquake, flood or other similar severe weather or similar phenomena;
4. design, application, or construction of the structure in which the Products are installed;
5. transport, storage or handling of the Products prior to installation; and
6. application of third-party treatments or coatings.

B. Products that are not installed in compliance with all Product markings and applicable building codes

C. Products not installed and maintained according to Boise Cascade’s applicable published installation and maintenance instructions

D. Installation workmanship

E. Damages to the building or Products or liability for harm or injury (including death) to persons caused by the infiltration of or exposure to water from any source (including but not limited to weather, building envelope failure, plumbing failure, condensation and negligence) whether by rot, growth of mold or mildew, or otherwise

F. The presence of mold or mildew on the surface of the Products

G. Minor surface checking, swelling, or cupping of the Products

H. Damage from insects or pests except for termite damage to Treated Products as provided in Section II(C)

I. Minor surface grazing by termites that does not interfere with the ability of the Treated Products to perform

J. Damage resulting from a Buyer’s customer’s failure to comply with the installation and maintenance requirements established under Section IV of this warranty


Compliance with each of the items set out below in Section IV.A and IV.B is a condition to Boise Cascade’s obligations under this warranty and failure of Buyer’s customer to comply with any one or more of the items shall void any rights Buyer may have against Boise Cascade under this warranty.

A. Installation/Maintenance

1. Installation of the Products must be pursuant to product markings and installation guidelines and any remedial work must be promptly completed.

2. Full compliance with the installation and maintenance instructions in Boise Cascade’s applicable Specifier’s Guide (see above) in effect at the date of installation.

3. The structure on which the Products are used must be in compliance with all applicable building codes and local required termite inspection and control standards or practices.

4. Except for Treated Products used in protected interior applications not in contact with the ground, but that may be subject to dampness (such as sill plate) as defined in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standard U1, Section 2 for Use Category UC2:

(i) The Products cannot have been used in an exterior exposure or in an interior space that creates an exterior environment.
(ii) The Products may not be in direct contact with the ground or used in any application which allows for the accumulation of condensation or other free water or which subjects the Products to a repetitive wetting condition at any time during the warranty period other than normal exposure to weather during ordinary construction delays.

B. Claims

1. Buyer must notify Boise Cascade in writing within thirty (30) calendar days after becoming aware of a possible nonconformity of Products and before authorizing any repair. Buyer must obligate its customer to mitigate any damages as quickly as reasonable. Written notice to Boise Cascade should include the date the Products were installed, if known, and the mill identity number noted on the grade stamp imprinted on the Products. Boise Cascade may, from time to time, direct Buyer to use a specific claim form or submission process to submit claims under this warranty.

2. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to establish the date of installation and all other facts required to establish a right to relief under this warranty. The Buyer must obtain any records that would tend to prove when and how the Products were installed and maintained, including but not limited to: purchase invoices and receipts, contractor’s billings and installation obligations, service contracts, and building permits.

3. Upon reasonable notice, the Buyer must arrange for its customer to allow Boise Cascade’s agents to enter the property and building on which the Products are installed to inspect such Products.

Versa-Strand® LSL

Product Storage and Handling

  • Versa-Strand® LSL must be kept dry in order to maintain its structural performance. LSL is intended to resist the effects of moisture from normal construction delays; however, it must not be stored in contact with the ground or have prolonged exposure to the weather.
  • Unload products carefully and support to reduce excessive bowing. Use forklifts and cranes carefully to avoid damaging product.
  • Store in wrapped and strapped bundles stacked less than 10′ high. Separate and support bundles with stickers (2×4 or larger) no more than 3′ from the ends and spaced at a maximum of 10′ apart. When stacking multiple bundles, align stickers directly over each other to support the product.
  • Do not use a visibly damaged product. Contact your local Boise Cascade representative for assistance.
  • Versa-Strand® LSL must be installed in dry, covered and ventilated interior applications in which the in-service average moisture content of lumber is less than 16%. To avoid trapping moisture, Versa-Strand® LSL must be dry before nailing or bolting multiple-ply members together.