White City log yard reaches momentous milestone

In December of 2018, it had been 15 years since an incident that could have been a fatality occurred at the White City log yard. Fortunately, our colleague survived the injuries he sustained, and since that day the log yard has not had another recordable safety incident.

“The White City log yard took an event that could have been an absolute tragedy and used it to catalyze a sustainable change in their approach to safety,” said Terry Evans, Wood Products Division Safety Manager. “Dedication to their people and attention to detail has brought them 15 years without a recordable incident and I have no doubt this will continue for 15 more years.”

“This accomplishment is an incredible feat for any operation, but with the risk factors involved in log yard work, it’s my belief that it takes phenomenal people focusing on every detail, every day,” said Lori Austin, Senior Safety Specialist, Western Oregon Region. “Not only have there been no severe injuries to any employees, but there have been no reported injuries to hundreds of other visitors including log truck drivers, scalers, outside contractors and vendors who have entered the gates of the log yard over those 15 years.”

Plant Manager Rex Thomas adds: “I think the best way to sum up this milestone is to quote Jimmy Meerten, our White City log yard lead: we come to work every day not only for Boise Cascade; we come to work for each other and to ensure each member of our work family returns home safely to their families. That’s what keeps us log yard strong.”

Congratulations to the entire crew for making White City a place where Nobody Gets Hurt!

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