Analyze the Entire Floor System, Not Just Components

July 13, 2023
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One of the most frequent questions we get is about floor performance

Often builders tell us they have added additional material, assuming the floor will perform better. In reality, this increases the cost of the floor, but it’s not guaranteed that the floor will meet the customer’s expectations.

BC FloorValue® is integrated into our BC Framer® and BC Calc® Software. This allows you to pinpoint potential problem areas across the entire floor, not just individual components.

This approach gives designers a look at the overall performance and feel while also providing granular control of potential design fixes or product substitutes.

What does BC FloorValue Do?

  • Checks a floor plan for problems in just minutes
  • Analyzes vibration to see how the floor system ranks on an easy-to-understand scale
  • Provides suggested options to remedy problems and helps to identify costs for the upgrades
  • Evaluates different product series, on-center spacing, and sheathing thickness for the optimum price/value relationship
  • Sees the contribution of sheathing span between joists to the overall feel, and evaluates the worst-case sheathing span perpendicular to framing member

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