Environmental Policy

To ensure our operations will not pose a significant risk to public health or the environment, Boise Cascade will:

  1. Comply with the letter and intent of all applicable environmental laws and regulations and with all other environmental requirements subscribed to by the company.
    (See separate policies specifically addressing Boise Cascade Policy 10.3 – Roundwood, Fiber, Veneer and OSB Procurement, and Boise Cascade Policy 10.4 – Sustainable Forestry Implementation.)
  2. Communicate our environmental policy to our employees.
  3. Train our employees in their responsibilities for environmental compliance and pollution prevention.
  4. Make environmental compliance a priority and emphasize pollution prevention and efficient use of resources in planning and operating our facilities.
  5. Utilize biomass fuels as practical and pursue technically and economically feasible energy conservation measures to limit emissions of greenhouse gases.
  6. Conduct periodic evaluations of our environmental compliance and environmental management systems.
  7. Constructively work with elected bodies, government agencies, trade associations, environmental organizations, and others to develop practical and effective environmental laws and regulations.
  8. Support research on the environmental effects of our raw materials, products, processes, discharges, emissions, and wastes.

All of our employees are expected to be aware of and to comply with this policy, and all environmental laws and regulations relevant to their jobs. Employees are subject to disciplinary action for violating any portion of this policy.

Approved: March 7, 2015

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