Our Sustainability Commitment

Nate Jorgensen, CEO

Dear fellow employees:

Boise Cascade has a strong heritage as an ethical and responsible company. Long-term relationships truly matter to us, and people count on us to do the right thing. Our core Values – Integrity, Safety, Respect, and Pursuit of Excellence – shape how we conduct business. We work with Purpose to bring people, products, and services together to build strong homes, businesses, and communities that stand the test of time. When it comes to social responsibility and sustainability, both our Values and Purpose are at the heart of what our associates do every day in the communities where we operate.

I’m pleased to share a few of the core components of our sustainability practices, and I invite you to learn more here on our website:

SAFETY. Promoting a culture of safety is fundamental to who we are as a Company and it is an unwavering commitment. We share accountability to encourage each other to value safe work practices and continuous improvement in a positive, proactive way. While we have made great strides, we know there is still more work to be done in making Boise Cascade an injury-free workplace.

INCLUSION. We believe a workforce comprised of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives results in stronger teams, better solutions, greater agility, and ultimately a more sustainable and profitable business model. In addition to actively recruiting diverse talent, we are building a more inclusive culture where associates are welcomed, heard, and valued so they can contribute and thrive with our Company. To be more intentional in this work, we created a diversity & inclusion steering committee in 2019 composed of associates from across the Company. Their work resulted in an iterative framework and action plan including education, training, and meaningful engagement at all levels of our organization. In 2021, we hired a dedicated diversity and inclusion director to lead our transformational strategy.

ENVIRONMENT. Environmental stewardship is an integral component of our heritage. We are committed to implementing and achieving sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing and distribution business processes. Encouraging the use of wood as a renewable resource and cost-effective building choice gives us the opportunity to respond to the effects of climate change. We participate in many organizations and forums that prompt dialogue, education, and continuous improvement.

At Boise Cascade, we believe we have a great opportunity to make a positive impact in our industry and local communities. Our Purpose and Values guide us on this journey.

Nate Jorgensen
Chief Executive Officer