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Boise Cascade Wood Products Manufacturing

We build high-quality engineered wood products that not only meet our customers’ construction needs, but also give them a competitive edge. When we’re manufacturing plywood and lumber, our focus is always on being the leader in our industry. That starts with the basics: building products that stand the test of time and providing reliable service. But we take industry leadership even further by offering resources that speed design, cut costs and increase opportunities.


From BCI® Joists to BOISE GLULAM® beams, Boise Cascade’s Engineered Wood Products are faster, stronger and easier.


Together, Boise Cascade’s Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and software suite make home building simpler, faster and more profitable for home builders.


We designed our continuing education site to better support the professionals we serve. It’s a tool for architects and engineers to review content, earn credits and broaden their knowledge in engineered wood products.