BC FloorValue from Boise Cascade

BC FloorValue® from Boise Cascade

floor performance heat mapIntroducing a New Way to Identify and Remedy Floor Problems in the Design Process

It's a new proactive approach to identify issues when floors are being designed – so what could be a HUGE problem is solved in minutes.

How often have you heard about problem with a floor system?

No one caught it, even in the walk-throughs, but now that they’ve moved in and are using every room, there’s that persistent problem floor. Whose fault? Who has to fix it? That it is code compliant may not be enough these days. And floor systems deflection, vibration and sheathing deflection are often afterthoughts, unfortunately, when discovered, already installed. But now, there’s a solution:  It’s called BC FloorValue® and it’s a new proactive approach to identifying issues when the floor is being designed – so what could be a HUGE problem is resolved in minutes.

Here are some highlights of the BC FloorValue® proactive approach…

  • Check a floor plan in minutes:  this new engineered-based tool is an integral part of BC FRAMER®; and can check a floor plan for problems in minutes
BC FloorValue Results
  • Was the floor plan overdesigned:  You can evaluate different product series, on-center spacing and sheathing thickness for the optimum price/value relationship
  • A floor deflection heat map pinpoints deflection problems:  A visual Heat Map identifies areas of floor system deflection
  • Analysis rates the vibration performance:  BC FloorValue® analyzes vibration and ranks the floor system on an easy-to-understand scale.
  • A sheathing-to-joist analysis that assures it’s up to the job:  BC FloorValue® includes the contribution of sheathing span between joists to overall feel and evaluates the worst case sheathing span perpendicular to framing members – an often overlooked component of floor performance that is exclusive to BC FloorValue®
  • Then BC FloorValue® suggests options to remedy problems and lays out costs for the upgrades
  • BC FloorValue® works side-by-side with structural analysis, good judgment and quality construction practices

RESULT:  Peace of MindBC FloorValue - peace of mind



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