Versa-Strand® LSL Header and Beam

Versa-Strand® LSL Headers and Beams

Make strong and straight your calling card.

Trends in home building continue to dictate rooms that demand high performing headers and beams. Versa-Strand® LSL beams and headers let you spec one-piece, or easily build up multi-ply beams and headers for construction where engineered wood’s resistance to twisting, cupping, or warping delivers the biggest bang for the buck. Frame headers and beams that are manufactured stiff and straight and stay that way—performance that traditional lumber can’t touch.

Door and window headers—lighten the work but carry the load

Thanks to thicknesses of up 3½”, Versa-Strand LSL beams and headers gives your framers a flexible, one-piece header option that resists warping and twisting. Eliminate errors and reduce costs without the worry of callbacks. Put straightness and strength where it really delivers results.

Consistency that you can build on

In applications like sliding glass doors and window header applications, traditional lumber can twist and shrink, ruining your framers’ best efforts. Versa-Strand LSL beams and headers are engineered to eliminate these weaknesses, reducing nail pops and drywall cracks. It’s strength makes it the go-to solution for true surfaces that let your craftsmanship shine.

Open up your design options

Versa-Strand LSL beams and headers offer builders multiple applications throughout the framing of a house. From simple wall framing to headers and beams, the range of thicknesses and lengths makes engineered wood’s dimensional stability a solid solution wherever it’s needed to overcome common construction challenges.

Bring us your toughest questions

Versa-Strand LSL is backed by the industry-leading service and software of Boise Cascade®. When you have questions, our dedicated support team is there with the right answers for the job.

Let us work the math

Boise Cascade’s BC Calc® makes sizing with Versa-Strand LSL simple. Input your data in minutes and receive an easy-to-read design report seconds later that you can share as a file or a printout.

The bottom line

Greater consistency. Simpler installation.

  • Available in multiple depths and thicknesses
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Consistent alternative to dimensional lumber
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Straighter headers. Less effort

  • Simple multi-ply solution
  • One-piece header option
  • Reduced drywall cracks
  • Fewer callbacks

Versa-Strand® LSL Beam and Header Specifier’s Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand LSL SDS

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