Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard

Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard

Boise Cascade® Versa-Strand® laminated strand lumber (LSL) Rimboard provides strong, cost-effective solutions to your framing needs. Designed to match Boise Cascade® I-joists and Versa-Lam® LVL headers and beams, Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard is available in the depths and thicknesses builders need for fast, easy installation while providing consistent, high-strength reliability at the same time.

What role does rim board play in a structure?

Rim board fills the space between the sill plate and the bottom wall plate, or between the
top plate and bottom plate in multi-story construction. It is a critical structural component
in a building’s framework because it transfers both lateral and vertical loads. To function
properly, rim board must match the depth of framing members. The depth of traditional
solid-sawn lumber typically does not match that of engineered wood I-joists —
and when it does it often shrinks later on, leaving it too short for proper load transfer.
That’s why Boise Cascade® Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard is a perfect choice for any
residential, multifamily or light-commercial project.

What makes Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard different?

Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard is convenient to use because it is manufactured to match
the depths of our LVL beams and I-joist products and comes in 16′ and 20′ lengths that
can be installed quickly. Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard benefits include:

Faster and Easier Installation

  • Dimensionally stable and manufactured to stay that way long after the building is completed
  • Depths compatible with our I-joists save you time at the job site
  • Long lengths means floors can be framed faster
  • 1¼” and 1½” widths provide builders with a choice for tackling both lateral and vertical
    load transfer

Fire Blocking

  • Can be used as an alternative to 23⁄32″ wood structural panel fire blocking
  • Both 1¼” and 1½” rim board can be used in place of nominal 2″ lumber fire blocking

Rim Board Options

Boise Cascade offers two types of rim board: Boise Cascade® Rimboard OSB, fabricated
from oriented strand board, and Versa‑Strand® LSL Rimboard. Both rim products are
precision cut to match the depths of Boise Cascade® LVL and I-joist products.

The type of rim board you choose depends upon your project and it’s load requirements.
Our OSB rim board comes in 1″ and 1⅛” widths that are ideal for applications with
lower lateral loading. But for applications that have higher load requirements, such as
commercial or multi-family construction or where wind or seismic loading is a factor, our
higher strength Versa-Strand® LSL Rimboard is the perfect choice.

Versa-Strand LSL Rimboard Specifiers Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand LSL SDS

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