Versa-Strand® LSL Roof Framing

Versa-Strand LSL Roof Framing

A solution for complex roof designs

Modern roofs demand stronger components

Complex roof lines can require rafters 30′ longer or more. Versa-Strand LSL roof framing excels in these longer spans. Frame modern roofs with cathedral ceilings, open vaults and multiple peaks that finish as smooth as glass, reducing prep time for your drywall installers.

As close to perfection as possible

Versa-Strand LSL roof framing provides superior dimensional stability, density and consistent moisture content, virtually eliminating callbacks for cosmetic issues related to traditional lumber’s tendency to dry and twist.

Strength that seals the deal

Where load and shear demand the ultimate in strength, Versa-Strand LSL roof framing deliver maximum consistency. No knots. No twisting. No shrinking. The result is tight joints and connections. No split ends and less culling of inferior boards keep wasted material to a minimum.

Boise Cascade® has your back

Versa-Strand LSL is backed by Boise Cascade’s industry-leading service and software. When you have questions, our dedicated support team is there with answers to any situation.

Raise job-site efficiency

Consistently straight engineered wood keeps your crew framing instead of sorting through crooked, knotted pieces of lumber.

We’ll handle the calculations

Boise Cascade®’s BC Calc® makes sizing with Versa-Strand LSL simple. Input your engineering data using our web-based app and receive an easy-to-read design report seconds later that can be shared as a file or a printout.

The bottom line

Longer spans. More confidence.

  • Ideal for complex roof rafters, hips, ridges and valleys
  • Longer spans increase design flexibility

More consistency. Fewer surprises

  • Common sense alternative to dimensional lumber
  • No split ends and less culling
  • Uniform and consistent piece after piece

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand LSL SDS

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