Versa-Strand® ZB LSL Sill Plate

Versa-Strand® ZB LSL treated with zinc borate

End to end protection. That’s the straight truth.

Versa-Strand® ZB LSL treated sill plate delivers. Each piece is engineered and manufactured to deliver a straight solution that stays straight, helping reduce labor and material costs as well as the risk of callbacks. Available in common framing lumber sizes and long lengths, Versa-Strand ZB LSL treated with zinc borate arrives on-site with sealed edges and ends for added protection.

Strength from the foundation up

Versa-Strand® ZB LSL treated sill plate protects against termites and fungal decay. Zinc borate blended throughout every piece which means there is no need for field treatment — even after cutting or drilling.

Resistance to traditional lumber issues

The fungal decay and termite protection of Versa-Strand ZB LSL treated sill plate comes with the benefits of engineered wood: more uniform strength, stiffness and material free of knots and the fear of cupping or warping.

Piece of mind

With a 25-Year Limited Warranty against fungal decay and termites, Versa-Strand ZB LSL treated sill plate builds confidence in your end product’s long-term performance giving you one less thing to worry about.

Engineered for the future

You get all the environmentally friendly benefits of engineered wood — renewable, natural, energy-efficient — at a value everyone can live with.

Tough questions deserve fast answers

Versa-Strand ZB LSL treated sill plate is backed by the industry-leading service and software of Boise Cascade®. Our dedicated support team is ready to solve your most challenging building questions.

The bottom line

More certainty. Fewer setbacks

  • No need to field treat after cutting or drilling
  • Precision manufactured for performance and consistency
  • Edges and ends are sealed for additional moisture protection

More completion. Less frustration

  • Fast installation and minimal waste
  • Helps reduce labor, costs and callbacks
  • Mitigate shrinkage in multiple story buildings

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand LSL SDS

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