Versa-Strand® LSL Stair Stringers

Versa-Strand® LSL Stair Stringers simply perform.

Quality stair stringers are key to better performing stairs without the squeaks that can be far too common. Versa-Strand LSL stair stringers provide consistence performance without twisting, shrinking or warping. With Versa-Strand LSL’s reliability, stability and durability, you don’t have to worry about knots or splitting.

Stairs can be one of the most challenging areas of a home to frame. Defects in a stair stringer can be felt or heard every time a homeowner walks the stairs. Versa-Strand LSL stair stringers are straight, strong, and dependable eliminating the need to cull through the lumber pile to find the right board. Its lower moisture content and consistent performance makes it an ideal solution to reduce labor and make installation fast and precise while also delivering a solution that will perform for years to come.

Reduce the problems of traditional framing lumber

Traditional lumber arrives on the jobsite with natural defects. Versa-Strand LSL arrives drier and straighter so it’s easier to install and eliminates culling to find the perfect boards.

The Bottom Line:

More Efficiency. Less Installation time.

  • No scabbing or reinforcements needed
  • Helps reduce labor, material costs and callbacks
  • No time wasted on culling
  • No knots to cut around

More stability. Fewer callbacks.

  • Uniform and consistent
  • Less prone to break at tread supports
  • Quieter stairs — and happier homeowners

Versa-Strand® LSL Stair Stringer Specifier’s Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand® LSL SDS

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