Versa-Strand® LSL Wall framing

Put all the strength you can into your next project.

Like the idea of saving time with straight and consistent wall framing without having to worry about warped, twisted or split lumber? Start framing with Versa-Strand® LSL wall framing. From doors and windows that are true and square to tall wall and wall framing in kitchens and bathrooms where smooth, flat surfaces are critical, it’s more consistently and dimensionally stable for straighter walls that framing lumber can’t match.

Take your walls higher

Homeowners want more natural light, open rooms and soaring ceilings which all means taller walls. Strong and stiff Versa-Strand LSL wall framing is the great solution for 10′ or taller walls. Uniform straightness makes tying into beams and headers easy. Reduced twisting, shrinking and bowing means tall walls can stay free of nail pops or cracks. Frame rooms you wouldn’t dream of with framing lumber.

Performance for every room in the house

Versa-Strand LSL wall framing solutions gives you a terrific value for your whole house framing package. Longer stud lengths allow for taller walls in great rooms. Framing with engineered wood builds in uniform consistency allows flatter, truer walls. All your finishing work benefits, from installing drywall and hanging kitchen cabinets to door and window trim and bathroom tile. Homeowners get peace of mind and you get fewer callbacks. You keep your energy focused on the next project.

Reduce the problems of framing lumber
Framing lumber arrives on the jobsite with natural defects. Versa-Strand LSL wall framing arrives consistent and straighter so it’s faster to install with reduced culling to find the perfect boards. It’s engineered and manufactured to keep it from warping, bowing and twisting long after the home is finished.

Support for your toughest questions

Versa-Strand LSL is backed by the industry-leading service and software of Boise Cascade®. When you have questions, our dedicated support team has answers that keep your project moving forward.

Determine what you need down to the inch

Boise Cascade®’s BC Calc® makes sizing with Versa-Strand LSL simple. Input your data using our web-based app and receive an easy-to-read design report seconds later that can be shared as a file or a printout.

The bottom line

Superior performance. No excuses

  • Straight and consistent every time
  • Longer lengths allow for taller walls
  • Reduced twisting, warping and shrinking

Faster build-out, fewer issues

  • Cabinets and countertops install easier
  • Less prone to nail pops
  • Smooth walls prevent tile pops in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Reduce callbacks

Versa-Strand LSL Wall Framing Specifiers Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-2403

Versa-Strand LSL SDS

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