Boise Cascade creates value for our company and our shareholders through our integrated approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility, which helps us mitigate risks, reduce costs, build brand value, and identify new market opportunities.

Read the Sustainability Commitment from our CEO

Learn how we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through the strategies, guiding principles and policies below.

Investor Relations

We are dedicated to transparency in investor relations and financial reporting.
Investor Relations >

Corporate Governance

We’re committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.
Corporate governance >

Our values, principles and guidelines

Through our guiding principles and guidelines, we establish a framework for expected behavior and decision-making that encompasses our core values and creates a culture where everyone understands what is important.

Core Values

Our core values define how we approach the way we do business. See our Core Values >

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics defines the behaviors that we expect of each other and that must be prevalent in every business decision we make. Read our Code of Ethics >

Corporate ethics and compliance

Our Code of Ethics applies equally to all employees, management, officers and directors. We are all held to the same standard and expect our partnering stakeholders (suppliers, consultants, agents, independent contractors, etc.) to uphold similar standards. Learn more about how we commit to ethics and compliance >

Community Engagement

We believe it is our responsibility as an employer and community leader to have a positive influence in the communities where we work and live. Read about how we engage within our communities >

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace environment as a way of living our core values of respect and pursuit of excellence where we cultivate a climate of mutual respect, camaraderie, and teamwork. Read how we support diversity and inclusion >

Employee Health & Safety

Safety is a fundamental part of our business strategy and we believe everyone is entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment. Review about how we commit to Employee Health & Safety >

Environment and Sustainability

Through conservation and sustainable practices, we are actively contributing to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment, which benefits our employees, our customers and the communities we work and live in. Read about our commitment to the environment >

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct clarifies the expectations we have of each of our suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, agents and any others who provide goods and services to Boise Cascade for business decisions to be ethical and responsible. Read our Supplier Code of Conduct >

Our policies

Our comprehensive sustainability policies reflect our core value of integrity to do the right thing by preserving environment for future generations. We expect our employees and business partners to share ownership in environmental stewardship.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to ensuring our operations do not pose a significant risk to public health or the environment. Read our Environmental Policy >

Roundwood, Fiber, Veneer, and OSB Procurement Policy

We are committed to implementing and achieving sustainable forestry where we procure roundwood, oriented strand board, and veneer from other forest landowners, wood suppliers, and manufacturers. Read our Roundwood, Fiber, Veneer, and OSB Procurement Policy >

Sustainable Forestry Implementation Policy

We are committed to continually achieve compliance to certification standards, employing management practices within our operations, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to continuous improvement of science through research. Read our Sustainable Forestry Implementation Policy >

Conflict Minerals Policy

We are committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. Read our Conflict Minerals Policy >

Equal Opportunity, Anti-discrimination, and Anti-harassment

We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all of our current and prospective employees and to ensure a workplace without discrimination or harassment. Read our Equal Opportunity, Anti-discrimination, and Anti-harassment policy >

Privacy Policy

We respect and protect the privacy of our customers and everyone who visits our site. Read our Privacy Policy >

Fair Labor Practices

Our belief that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect is firmly rooted in our core values of integrity and respect. Read our Fair Labor Practices policy >

Bribery, Anti-corruption, and Improper Payments

We believe in making every effort to ensure that corruption does not occur within our operations and business transaction. Read our Bribery, Anti-corruption, and Improper Payments policy >

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