Ethics and Compliance

Acting with Integrity

Our Code of Ethics applies equally to all employees, associates, management, officers and directors (collectively, “Employees”) of Boise Cascade (“Company”). It does not create separate standards for different groups. Further, we expect our suppliers, consultants, agents, sales representatives, distributors, and independent contractors to uphold similar standards. We aspire to do business only with third parties that have a reputation for integrity. In essence, anyone representing Boise Cascade or working on our behalf is expected to act consistently with this Code.

All Employees are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever Boise Cascade does business. Perceived pressures and demands due to business conditions are not excuses for violating the law. It’s each Employee’s responsibility to understand and comply with the Code and the law wherever they are. They are expected to use good judgment to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. Our operations must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Code and the policies and procedures that support them. The Code will be updated to reflect changes in laws, regulations and corporate policies, and to incorporate Employee suggestions on improving ethical and lawful conduct.

Boise Cascade is an industry leader that conducts business in an ethical manner and complies with the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to our business, including but not limited to the following areas:

Bribery, Anti-Corruption, and Improper Payments

We must make every effort to ensure that corruption does not occur within our operations and business transactions. We should never offer, attempt to offer, promise, or accept payments, gifts, or anything of value that could influence a business decision. Neither Boise Cascade nor any of its directors, officers, Employees, or agents will pay bribes or kickbacks of any kind, whether in dealings with public officials or individuals in the private sector, or falsely document any payment or transaction. We observe the standards of conduct set forth in applicable anticorruption and anti-money laundering laws of the countries in which Boise Cascade operates.

Fair labor practices

Our belief that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect is firmly rooted in our core value of integrity. We are committed to fostering an environment that recognizes and supports all aspects and dimensions of human rights. We do not tolerate the use of child or forced labor, trafficking in persons, or procurement of commercial sex acts. Employees must work to ensure that Boise Cascade does not have suppliers, contractors, or other business partners who participate in these practices.

Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment

We are committed to providing a professional work environment that is free from discrimination, physical/verbal harassment, and any form of retaliation against Employees who raise a complaint in good faith.


It is our policy to comply at all times with the laws, rules, regulations, and compliant labor practices that apply to our business. We have the same expectations of our suppliers. When engaging with business partners, Employees should take reasonable steps to ensure they are retained on commercially reasonable terms and conditions, and that they are aware of our standards for business conduct as outlined in this Code. We carry out appropriate due diligence prior to engaging with business partners operating in high risk regions of the world and/or who perform high risk services on our behalf. We only procure goods and services that offer the best combination of price, quality, and level of service.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Boise CARE Line

We have an open-door policy that encourages employees to speak with their supervisor, local HR representative, or management about any work-related issues, suggestions, or ideas.

But, for any occasion when an employee is uncomfortable with those options, we also provide a CARE Line, which provides employees a confidential way to report activity they feel is unsafe, unethical, or illegal. The CARE Line offers a risk-free way to ask a question or report a concern where employees can choose to remain anonymous if they prefer. A third-party vendor manages the reports and maintains the content on their secure server.

Boise Cascade CARE line ethics hotline