Talent Development

Talent is one of the four pillars of our overall Human Resource Strategy because we recognize that it is our people who are at the heart of achieving operational excellence. Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our employees is one way we demonstrate our core value of the Pursuit of Excellence.

The framework of our talent development strategy is designed to put our goals around talent into action in an intentional and coordinated manner—resulting in the greatest impact on business outcomes, workforce performance, and the employee experience.

The foundation of our talent development strategy is the identification, development and implementation of programs to attract, select, deploy, develop and retain the best people in their respective fields.

Continuous improvement is essential to our core value of Excellence. When it comes to the growth and wellness of our talent, we are focusing on the following goals:

  • Building an environment of employee engagement, empowerment and involvement where people have the ability to do what they do best.
  • Ensuring we have the current and future leadership capacity to support strong business performance.

We work towards these goals through encouraging and supporting the development of our employees as individuals as well as through targeted leadership programs.